The Millionaire Academy Course

The Seeds millionaire Academy Course is our flagship course that contains over 100 hours of Financial literacy content. This revolutionary course consists of video, multiple choice, worksheets and real life scenarios that will help students grasp the concept of money.

Reasons to Join The Millionaire Academy

State of the art financial learning

The Millionaire Academy Course covers all of the major financial topics needed for success in today's economy. This course has been designed to give students an in depth analysis of how to manage one's finances to create long term wealth. Some of the topics covered in this course are:

How the stock market works
Learn the different types of stock analysis and why companies trade on the stock market.
Identifying financial behaviour
Learn how our mental and emotional states affect our buying decisions.
Assessing your Net worth
Learn why the measurement of your economic position can help you create wealth.
Investment options
Examine the different types of investments available to the retail consumer.
Automobile Financing- lease and loan options
Learn about the different purchasing options that will fit your personal financial plan.
Debit Vs. Credit Cards
Students will examine the pros and cons of each payment method and how to use them to your advantage.
Positive and Negative Debt
All debt is not bad. Learn how to effectively manage debt to your advantage.
Banking essentials and management
Having the right financial products and the right team of professionals is essential.
Savings, budgeting and expenses
Learn the importance of budgeting and automating your personal finances.
Introduction to taxes
Taxes have a major role in our finances. Learn how to effectively integrate taxes into your financial plan
Estate Planning
Students will learn about the different strategies we can use to pass our wealth to our heirs
Life Insurance and Risk Management
Examine why life insurance should be in everyone’s financial plan
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“What an amazing course. I learned so much about budgeting, buying stocks and how to protect my family.”

Steven H

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