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Seeds for Success Financial Literacy For Youth

The copper beach tree is one of largest trees in North America. It takes approximately 150 years for it to mature. The person who plants a copper beach never sees the tree grow to maturity. The real beauty of this tree exudes its illustrious presence years after the original planter has passed on. This individual is someone with vision, patience and foresight. My father planted a financial seed over 30 years ago. He started CPN Financial Services Ltd. A small financial brokerage offering financial services to the community. 30 years later his three children are partners in the business working hard to carry on his vision. We have managed to grow his tiny business to a full service brokerage with over 50 Million in Assets. Our copper beach tree is still growing and thanks to my father’s vision his business will last for several generations.

Most of us do not come from wealth or from abundance. In fact most of us have to struggle and learn from our mistakes. These mistakes often set us back causing us to miss out on opportunities. Seeds for Success was created to provide students with answers to life’s financial questions. Our aim is to equip young adults with the necessary financial knowledge needed to navigate life’s ups and downs.

The stock market, credit, budgeting are all great wealth building tools, however they are a mystery to most young adults. Seeds for Success will change this narrative by offering financial courses, lessons, and mentorship to as many students as possible.

Please help support our program by attending our free classes or enrolling in one of our courses.

Our mission is to educate 1 million students on all things financial giving them the wisdom to plant their own financial copper beech tree to serve their family for generations to come.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

- Warren Buffett

Peter Simons

Peter is CEO and Founder of Seeds for Success, a non for profit Financial Literacy academy aimed at empowering youth through financial literacy education.

He is a licensed teacher in Ontario Canada and a proud member of the Ontario College of Teachers. Peter is a Senior Investment Advisor at CPN Financial Services and Carte Wealth Management in Ontario Canada. Peter manages over 20 Million dollars in assets for his 150 clients.

Peter holds the prestigious CLU and CHS designation from The Institute for Advanced Financial Education. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts from York University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor.

Peter is a second generation financial professional. His father Wesley Simons, is the proud owner of CPN financial Services Ltd, an Independent Investment firm in Mississauga Ontario.

Peter founded Seeds for Success as a way to give back to the community. “ I was born into a financial family. My father showed me the ropes. Most kids do not have a financial mentor and fall prey to predatory lenders and unfortunate financial situations. Im hoping we can change this reality by teaching students the necessary tools to become financially independent”

Peter enjoys mentoring and creating financial opportunities for students. This year Seeds for Success will raise $10,000 for student, scholarships, bursaries and investment opportunities.

Peter Simons B.A., B.Ed., CLU, CHS
CEO & Founder

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